Thursday, July 12, 2012

New stuff!

Here I am again, second time today.
I just wanted to mention the things I got in Manhattan and SoHo back in New York, because it's really worth it. Me and my aunt went shopping to Michael's one afternoon, and I got the next things:
- A piece of cloth with clock prints on it (for a project I'm looking forward to doing).
- Lots of different coloured cupcake cups with original prints on them including hearts, stripes, circles or checks.
- 10 cm long black sticker-letters that will spell "BE YOURSELF".
- Four different kinds of ribbons; three thin ones that are black, white and brown and a last one that is wider that is black lace ribbon. When I saw it I fell in love with it!
- Christopher Hart's Humongous Book of Cartooning.
- Super Mario mushroom-shaped little box with mushroom-shaped sour candy in it.
- Featherweight Wilton 30 cm. decorating bag.
- Wilton coupler.
- Deluxe Tip Wilton Set.
- Wilton Sprinkle Balls.
- Wilton Sprinkle Gel.
The next day I went to a Converse store in SoHo and got two pairs of Converse. A pair of classic blacks and a pair of paradise colour ones. I'll attatch a picture of the paradise colour ones and the old classic blacks since I don't have any pictures of the new ones. Here they are!

These are the new Converse that I got in SoHo for $55. They're great shoes; you can wear them anywhere with any kind of clothing and if you get them black like in the picture below, you can combine all sorts of colours with them... They'll ALWAYS look good and trendy!

The classic ones down below aren't actually mine, they're my boyfriend's. We decided to exchange our beloved Converse between eachother for the month I'm here in the US as something to remember eachother by. Ain't we cute? =3

Change of Plans!

Hello readers! (What? I felt like it, OK?)
There's a small change in the blog. As you can see, uploading what I do everyday is not working for me, so I decided that I'll be uploading things that I write throughout the day and probably some pics too. So... Here's something I wrote sometime ago:
After a long wait the plain started moving. A big metal bird was about to join it's element. Lucky for me, I got to sit right next to the wing; a family had asked me earlier if I could exchange seats with one of them. I accepted, of course, and sat in a window seat to the wing. Suddenly, we started rushing along the track and my pulse rised, just like the beautiful vehicle. Up in the air! Everything looked so small from up there...! I felt like I could move a whole town with the tip of my finger. We flew onto the infinite sea. A long trip was awaiting, and I was excited about starting my journey to another continent.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Airport Trolling and OJ (Part 1)

Good morning! (I feel a bit silly saying good morning because not many people read me, but hey, it is a good morning anyway, right?)
It's time to wright about my first day here! (Yes, I'm in The States already)
I woke up at a quarter to six (Next to my boyfriend, which was wonderful) to finish packing stuff like gadgets and chargers that I had been using overnight to have battery for the next day on the plane or in the airport. I got dressed (I had already picked my clothes), brushed my hair, blablabla... All of those routinary things. So we got my bags and made way to the train that took us to the airport. The train ride didn't feel very long, but I was sad about leaving.
Once we got to the airport, I checked in my luggage. They asked me some ridiculous security questions and I was good to go. After that, David (my boyfriend), my mom and I went to have breakfast. Cheescake and a coffee. Finally, it was time to go to the gate. I said my sad and long goodbyes and went through security.  On the other side of security there are hundreds of shops and all sorts of things to make you spend money before your flight. All I did was go into Relay to see if I could find some manga to read but... no luck! Meh, I had my laptop with me so it wasn't that bad.
9:25 AM, boarding time! When I got onto the plane, I sat down and the first thing I heard was
"Excuse me, are you travelling alone?" A woman asked.
"Yes, I am." I replied.
"Great. Don't feel obliged to say yes, but my husband is sitting right there next to the window in row 34, would you be so kind to exchange seats with him?" She was very polite, so I just had to say yes! (Just kidding, it was because that seat was at the window next to the wing, I love watching the wing of the aircraft when I'm on a plane.)
"Of course, no problem!" I said.
"Oh, wow, thank you so much!" The expression on her face changed from polite and direct to excited.
"Sure, you're welcome." I smiled at her and moved two rows down, where a tall man was sitting.
"Thank you, miss" He said, kindly.
I was very excited to start my journey. Take-off is my favourite part of the flight. I would say landing too, but landing means the flight is over, so I prefer take-off.
The flight was pleasant, they gave all of us passengers a meal, a packet of mini pretzels and calzone in a packet (And yes, everything was absolutely disgusting except for the calzone.); the cool part came when they were selling things on the plain and I asked for some M&M's. It went something like this:
"Uh, one of M&M's please."
"That'll be two dollars miss." The man said.
"Sure." I pulled out two one dollar bills and reached my hand out to the man.
"I'm sorry miss, but we don't accept cash, only credit or debit cards." He announced.
"Oh. Than I won't be ordering anything; sorry." I apologized.
"You know what? Take them, it's on me." The man smiled and gave me the packet of M&M's.
"Really? Wow, thanks!" I smiled with gratitude.
"It's a pleasure." He smiled back.
And that, my friends, is how I got some free M&M's on a plane to the US! Yaay! OK, I was enthusiastic about it because free stuff is always cool. I mean, what are the odds, right?
I looked at the stats of the plane. We were stable at 11,621 metres, at -56ยบC. All in all, it was a good flight with a nice landing, and the woman next to me was nice, so even though it was a long 8 hours sitting down, I enjoyed it.
I'll be updating part two shortly. See you soon!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow!

Hey, it's me again! (Well, this is my blog after all...)
I've spent some time thinking in what I should put in my luggage for my trip. I'm pretty organized with this stuff so I've put everything into categories. So far, I have this:

~ Toiletries and cosmetics ~
1. Empty travel bottles to put shampoo, body wash, conditioner or any kind of liquid in them. (I thought that buying that sort of thing there is smarter than buying it here, since security doesn't allow liquids in bigger quantities than 100 ml per bottle.)
2. A face and a body towel.
3. A tooth brush.
4. Hair brush and comb.
5. Nail polish and remover (This one is optional, but I thought that it would be a good entertainer on the plane or in any occasion where boredom is almost killing me.)
6. Intimate lady hygiene (Feel like a sir!)
7. Hair ties!! (Once again I say: It will be hoooooooooooot.)

~ Clothes and accessories ~
1. Two pairs of blue jeans.
2. Two or three pairs of shorts.
3. A couple of easy-on dresses.
4. A skirt or two.
5. All of my favourite T-shirts. (There are like seven or eight of them.)
6. LOADS of underware. (Basically, all of my bras and maybe like fourteen or fifteen pairs of panties.)
7. My cute straw hat (I bought it especially for the trip, I absolutely loooooove hats! I'll post a photo of it too.)
8. Tons of socks.
9. A belt.
10. My huge fleece sweater. (And when I say huge, I mean like really huge. It covers my knees and more than a quarter of the sleeve hangs over my hands; I'm not small.)
11. A wind breaker that is also works well for the rain.
12. Sun glasses.
13. Two black bathing suits. (NOT bikinis, I don't really like bikinis.)
14. A metal plectrum on a chain that my boyfriend gave to me and a bracelet that one of my best friends gave me from a trip she did a couple of weeks ago.

~ Electronics, gadgets and other random stuff ~
1. My Laptop. (Duuh.)
2. Laptop charger and adaptor.
3. Nintendo DS Lite and games. (I lost all of my games some time ago, I'll explain some other time. Even though, I have Animal Crossing and my boyfriend is willing to lend me some games for this month. I must remember to treat any of his games like gold, he's a collector.)
4. My mobile. (That I will use as a camera.)
5. Micro SD cards and adaptors.
6. My iPod and headphones.
7. My purse with money. (Obviously.)
8. Documents! (Passport, boarding pass, etc.)
9. Paper and pencil to draw and list things (See post under.)

I think that's it for now, if I'm missing something, I'll edit the post and add it!
See you later!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Two Days To Go!

I've spent the past days seeing all of the people I'm going to miss during my trip. I like to think that there will be people missing me back home (even though it is a bit selfish, maybe). All of my clothes are washed and I have a thousand things in mind to take. It's a great challenge to decide on what I will be relying during a whole month... So far I know a few things that are totally essencial:
1. My Laptop
2. Books to read
3. My Nintendo DS (Yes, I like videogames.)
4. Converse <3 (OK, the deal with my Converse is that they are my companions in EVERY trip. I wear them all the time and they are my favourite shoes. I'll post a picture of them sometime soon.)
5. Paper and pencil to draw and list things (I like to list random things with something in common that I see during my different trips, for example, weird city names, animals or now that I'm going to the USA, state slogans will be fun to list.)
6. HAIR TIES!! (It will be hoooooot.)

That's all for today, tomorrow I'll list EVERYTHING that I'll put in my suitcase... See you then!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Trip to The United States

Next Tuesday, 3 of July I'm going to begin my trip to USA.

Wish me luck!