Monday, July 2, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow!

Hey, it's me again! (Well, this is my blog after all...)
I've spent some time thinking in what I should put in my luggage for my trip. I'm pretty organized with this stuff so I've put everything into categories. So far, I have this:

~ Toiletries and cosmetics ~
1. Empty travel bottles to put shampoo, body wash, conditioner or any kind of liquid in them. (I thought that buying that sort of thing there is smarter than buying it here, since security doesn't allow liquids in bigger quantities than 100 ml per bottle.)
2. A face and a body towel.
3. A tooth brush.
4. Hair brush and comb.
5. Nail polish and remover (This one is optional, but I thought that it would be a good entertainer on the plane or in any occasion where boredom is almost killing me.)
6. Intimate lady hygiene (Feel like a sir!)
7. Hair ties!! (Once again I say: It will be hoooooooooooot.)

~ Clothes and accessories ~
1. Two pairs of blue jeans.
2. Two or three pairs of shorts.
3. A couple of easy-on dresses.
4. A skirt or two.
5. All of my favourite T-shirts. (There are like seven or eight of them.)
6. LOADS of underware. (Basically, all of my bras and maybe like fourteen or fifteen pairs of panties.)
7. My cute straw hat (I bought it especially for the trip, I absolutely loooooove hats! I'll post a photo of it too.)
8. Tons of socks.
9. A belt.
10. My huge fleece sweater. (And when I say huge, I mean like really huge. It covers my knees and more than a quarter of the sleeve hangs over my hands; I'm not small.)
11. A wind breaker that is also works well for the rain.
12. Sun glasses.
13. Two black bathing suits. (NOT bikinis, I don't really like bikinis.)
14. A metal plectrum on a chain that my boyfriend gave to me and a bracelet that one of my best friends gave me from a trip she did a couple of weeks ago.

~ Electronics, gadgets and other random stuff ~
1. My Laptop. (Duuh.)
2. Laptop charger and adaptor.
3. Nintendo DS Lite and games. (I lost all of my games some time ago, I'll explain some other time. Even though, I have Animal Crossing and my boyfriend is willing to lend me some games for this month. I must remember to treat any of his games like gold, he's a collector.)
4. My mobile. (That I will use as a camera.)
5. Micro SD cards and adaptors.
6. My iPod and headphones.
7. My purse with money. (Obviously.)
8. Documents! (Passport, boarding pass, etc.)
9. Paper and pencil to draw and list things (See post under.)

I think that's it for now, if I'm missing something, I'll edit the post and add it!
See you later!

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  1. Wow, that's a lot of things. Well, you'll be out a month jajaja
    Have a nice trip, honey :D