Thursday, July 12, 2012

New stuff!

Here I am again, second time today.
I just wanted to mention the things I got in Manhattan and SoHo back in New York, because it's really worth it. Me and my aunt went shopping to Michael's one afternoon, and I got the next things:
- A piece of cloth with clock prints on it (for a project I'm looking forward to doing).
- Lots of different coloured cupcake cups with original prints on them including hearts, stripes, circles or checks.
- 10 cm long black sticker-letters that will spell "BE YOURSELF".
- Four different kinds of ribbons; three thin ones that are black, white and brown and a last one that is wider that is black lace ribbon. When I saw it I fell in love with it!
- Christopher Hart's Humongous Book of Cartooning.
- Super Mario mushroom-shaped little box with mushroom-shaped sour candy in it.
- Featherweight Wilton 30 cm. decorating bag.
- Wilton coupler.
- Deluxe Tip Wilton Set.
- Wilton Sprinkle Balls.
- Wilton Sprinkle Gel.
The next day I went to a Converse store in SoHo and got two pairs of Converse. A pair of classic blacks and a pair of paradise colour ones. I'll attatch a picture of the paradise colour ones and the old classic blacks since I don't have any pictures of the new ones. Here they are!

These are the new Converse that I got in SoHo for $55. They're great shoes; you can wear them anywhere with any kind of clothing and if you get them black like in the picture below, you can combine all sorts of colours with them... They'll ALWAYS look good and trendy!

The classic ones down below aren't actually mine, they're my boyfriend's. We decided to exchange our beloved Converse between eachother for the month I'm here in the US as something to remember eachother by. Ain't we cute? =3

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  1. How many cute things!! I hope you remember my presents! hahaah just kidding!!
    I looove those Converse, and yes, you and David are so cute! :D